NEW BUSINESS OPEN NOW IN THE LED: Asheville Jack is a traditional coffee house in an inspired and nontraditional setting. A full array of coffee and espresso drinks are served, in an energetic and creative setting that melds seamlessly into London District Studios’ gallery, studios and home store. Customers enjoy great coffee by sustainably sourced and locally roasted by Biltmore Coffee Roasters of Asheville while they lounge in comfortable seating designed by one of The London’s resident designers Wade Oppliger. They can also sip espresso drinks and stroll taking in the London’s latest fine contemporary art exhibition, The London’s eclectic collection of high design furnishings and the latest works by The London’s resident contemporary painter, Leslie Rowland. In the near future, visitors will also be able to listen to live music. Stay tuned!

Wade and Leslie believe that coffee is the perfect compliment to the store and neighborhood. In addition to shaping a creative space where art and lifestyle are synchronously and heartily celebrated, Wade and Leslie intended to create community. Asheville Jack offers an inspiring and energizing communal space where community will flourish. The emerging renaissance in the neighborhood has brought new businesses including a new distillery, an additional furniture store, Burial Beer’s Forest Camp, Hillman Beer and Rise above Deli all just a block from the center of Biltmore Village shopping. With all this new development, the area is swiftly attracting South Slope-like businesses and is being suitably called the London Entertainment District or LED.

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