Biltmore Village 117 years young

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ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Biltmore Village launched a new marketing and rebranding campaign in hopes to keep visitors to the Biltmore House in Biltmore Village.

About one million people visit Biltmore Estate every year. This year, that number included the the Howell family from Michigan, who just finished a tour. It’s a special trip for Janet and her husband Tim; 35 years ago, they met here on a college trip.

“Love at first sight,” Tim said.

They were heading to the Biltmore.

“The only seat vacant on the bus was nex to him, so I sat next to him and we got to knew each other,” Janet said.

Now, they’ve returned to reminisce.

The new marketing campaign includes a new website and logo. Estate Jewelry’s owner, Richard Yaffin, wants to keep tourists who visit the Biltmore House in Biltmore Village. Yaffin also wants to the city to spend money on the Village.

“Some replacing on the sidewalks, the roads, sewer problems that need to be addressed,” Yaffin said.

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